Software Market 3.0

In 2006 I was recruited to the software consultancy firm Mogul, to be part in an effort to build a business around open source. I knew that two of the existing business models around open source was not interesting (reselling an OSS product commercially or working with support). Instead we wanted to go for the “because of” effect - explained in articles and books by Doc Searls (of Linux Journal fame). That is: it’s not on OSS you make a business, it is because it’s open source, because you can do thing that where not economically feasable when software was not like air, freely available.

The plan we eventually came up with centered around the idea of the bespoke software company, that by combining the free OSS stack (standing on the shoulders of giants) with an agile method (selling sprints) we could make it more affordable (the long tail) to develop bespoke (or business specific) applications.

I still think we where right, but we where a little bit early, and we missed to make the cloud (PAAS) our founding ground. So I left to develop commercial software at Polopoly. But the presentation is still interesting I think. So here it is:

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Agile consultant at Crisp. Active Linux and OSS advocate and developer since 1995 and a former journalist and social scientist. Also loves to train and outdoor activities.
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