Peter Antman Stalloluokta

Welcome to antman.se, the home of Peter Antman.

I write, teach and consult around organizing software development. I also trie to help people get outdoors by writing guides, and are trying to grow a small business around ecologically sane foresting.

I have recently been working as a tribe lead, or director of engineering, at Spotify where I managed the mobile infrastructure department for 5 years.

I worked as an agile enterprise coach at Crisp (together with Henrik Knibergs for example) for 4 years. Before that I was VP of engineering for the dominant web CMS in Scandinavia (Polopoly) for 5 years.

Started my professional carer as a journalist and social science researcher but changed course when I discovered Internet and Linux in the mid 90th and how fun it was to do software development. I have continued to be in or around the media business, and since I like to make things work better often end up having management responsibilities.

I am a great fan of open source software and have contributed to numerous OSS projects.

Please get in touch if you want my help or just want to talk.


+46 760 140 150