Agilpodden – om organisationsdesign

Poddpremiär för mig. Pratar med Erik Hultgren och Dick Lyhammar i Agilpodden, avsnitt 97. Vi pratar om Conways law, om hur arkitektur och organisation hänger ihop, centrala staber, HR och även hur man ska organisera sina chefer! Men också om idéhistoria, slackware 2.0, Hemnet, Aftonbladet, Olof Palmes minnesfond, Spotify och Polopoly – och att jag råkar ha formellt godkänt 2 (eller 3) svenska valresultat.

What I did and learned at Spotify

I’m leaving the band, I’m going solo.
Thanks for these 6 years Spotify,
lots of fun, lots of hard work, so many lovely people,
so much done and so much learned.
Here’s some of the most important stuff I did,
and learned on this tour,
which I will bring with me on my new tour,
as a contractor, trainer and author.

Contractor, Trainer & Author at

I joined as an agile coach,
but ended up driving coaches out of the teams,
and managers into the teams: scrum master as manager,
the missing piece in the Spotify model (never but a dream anyway).

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